Our company, with the philosophy "From Japan to the world", has been stepping up the import-export of goods from Japan to foreign countries, focusing on Vietnam market. In addition, JOC also provides consultant services on investment support, establishment of enterprises, trade representatives, etc. for companies in Vietnam and Japan as well.

JOC specializes in importing and exporting goods from Japan to Vietnam and other countries

With the philosophy "Bringing Vietnamese value to Japan", VOC introduces and sells Vietnamese products in Japan; provide translation and interpretation services; conducting investment consultant and trade promotion for companies in both Vietnam and Japan. Especially Vietnam-Japan trade forum will help businessmen to exchange information and find partners easily and effectively.

VOC introduced and traded Vietnamese products in Japan

As the name implies, this is a Vietnam-Japan Market website. Customers can access to buy Vietnamese goods as well as Japanese goods easily and conveniently without having to spend time out for shopping. Information about the product is plenty; staffs are helpful; fast and convenient shipping and payment…

Website specializing in selling Japanese - Vietnamese products

We provide all real estate services in Vietnam, focusing on corporate clients and business people. In addition, JOC Saigon operates the Japanese language school; providing consultancy services, investment support, setup attending for Japanese business in Vietnam, and providing high-level translators and interpreters…

JOC Saigon provides all real estate services in Vietnam

Cure is the No. 1 skin care product in Japan, trusted by millions of Japanese women.

Japan No.1 skin care product
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